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Kisii stepmother inserts hot knife in the private part of girl, 9

A woman has been arrested today for inserting a hot knife in the private part of a nine-year-old step daughter for taking her Sh20 to buy a snack.

Winnie Kwamboka woman hailing from Masongo, Kisii county was saved from a mob that attacked her by the police. She is recovering in a local hospital.

The woman, who is pregnant, thrust the kitchen knife in the orphan minor’s private parts on Sunday night as punishment.

The minor’s parents died in 2013 and Kwamboka, her stepmother, has been taking take of her in their rented apartment after separation from the father.

It is said the stepmother has been mistreating the minor, subjecting her to frequent assaults.

The Sunday night incident saw the minor sustain serious burns, irking an irate mob which descended on her, inflicting  serious injury on the pregnant step mother.

Police rushed to the scene and rescued her, taking both her and the girl to the Kisii Level Six Hospital where they are being treated. The two are in  stable condition.

The police booked the report report through OB number OB28/17/02/2017. It report seen by Radio Jambo detail that the young girl sustained burns on her thighs, buttocks and in her private parts.

Police is set to arraign the stepmother to court today.

The incident paints a picture of what orphans living under the care of their step parents and relative go through. According to the law, the act qualifies as a sexual offense

The law defines sexual offender as any person who unlawfully penetrates the genital organs of another person within (i) any part of the body of another or that person;

Or (ii) an object manipulated by another or that person except where such penetration is carried out for proper and professional hygienic or medical purposes is guilty of an offense termed sexual assault.

The person guilty is liable for imprisonment for a term of not less than 10 years but which may be enhanced to imprisonment for life.


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