Fascinating!! Animals you did not know are in Africa

When people hear of Africa, they mainly think of the wildlife and diverse cultures located here.

When it comes to wildlife, they majorly know the big 5 and other animals which might be commonly known. However, there are certain animals which many people might not know are found in Africa or maybe even might not know they exist.

1. Greater Kudu


The great Kudu is mostly found in the Savannah and woodlands. It avoids open grasses and is known to be swift and amazing jumpers. Only the males have horns, which take a spiral shape .

2. African Civet


Its mainly found in the Lowland, highland, forests, swamp and open Savannah. Each Civet has a different pattern of brown and black spots on their fur.

They are usually able to camouflage well due to the fur.

3. Guereza Colobus


They are usually found in closed forests and unfortunately has one of their species getting extinct. They have no thumbs and have stomachs which are divided into pouches that are usually three or four.

They rarely come down from trees hence have the ability to leap from one tree to another. The hair on their body and tail help them be able to balance while leaping.

4. Lelwel Hartebeest


The Hartebeest is usually found in the Savannah and grasslands. They usually live in herd and are known to be really fast as well. They started getting endangered in 2008 as there numbers started reducing greatly.

5. Klipspringer


Usually found in rocky areas with short vegetation. The Klipspringer is the only antelope to walk on the tips of their hooves.They are known to be monogamous meaning they stay with one partner until one of them dies.

6. Dwarf Mongoose


Usually found in the Savannah, woodlands, mountain scrub brush country. The females are usually the dominant ones when it comes to Dwarf Mongoose. They co-exist with rough-scaled plated lizards, which live in the mongooses’ homes and eat their dung.

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