Black mamba leaps out of ex chiefs car at fuel station in Baringo



Residents of Kabarnet town,Baringo County headquarters, were shocked when a deadly 10-foot black mamba snake jerked out of a private car.


The owner of the probox KCQ said to belong a retired chief from Riwo village in Baringo Central Sub-County was headed to a fuel station around 10am in the morning at the Kenol Petrol station before the bizarre incident happened.


“I was trying to open the fuel tank when a snake suddenly popped out of left front seat, I really got scared” petrol station attendant Larry Kipturmet said.


He said his female colleagues screamed ‘snake! Snake! and immediately the entire place was crowded with anxious members of public who flocked to witness the ‘miracle’.


Some people in the crowd were heard shouting at the vehicle owner calling him a ‘witch’ threatening to arrest and beat him up.


The snake which appear shinny and clean is believed to have spent some time inside the car for quite sometime.


But he (the owner- name withheld) refuted the claims saying he  really don’t understand how the snake managed to enter  his car.


“Please spare me the agony I am totally innocent” he said while speeding off from the scene for fear of being lynched.


Other people speculated the former chief could have been parking him vehicle at home near a bushy area so it may have attracted such erratic wild animals like snakes.


In October 2015, similar incident occurred when another black mamba snake came out while passengers were alighting from a seven- seater matatu at Kabarnet bus terminus.


The visibly scared passengers who were journeying from Tenges in Baringo central panicked and ran for their safety after learning they had same vehicle with the world deadliest snake.


However after killing it, speculations started flowing in with some quotas claiming the snake inside the matatu was a product of witchcraft.


However, a snake expert Gilbert Kiptallam dismissed the claims saying the serpent which hunts during day, could have wandered into the vehicles parked at Kabarnet town or people’s homes after their ecosystem has been encroached by the runaway human population.


Kiptallam further warned those playing with the snake’s lifeless body to refrain as its venom was still actively dangerous for another 72 hours.

Last week residents of Loboi in Marigat, Baringo South Sub-County were treated to another shock when Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) managed to rescue a 80-kilogramme, 14-foot black mamba snake on Monday.

“It used to kill and eat one of our goats every week” resident Hillary Cherop said



Photo Credits: joseph kangongo

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