Kenyan celebrities who perished in road accidents

Road accidents has been something the government has tried its best to deal with in the past years as it has been a menace that has taken so many lives.  Many celebrities have also lost their lives in these grisly accidents and here are just but a few.

1.Bishop Ben Bahati


The well known evangelist had been involved in a road accident along Burnt forest and was even flown to Nairobi for further treatment.

Unfortunately he passed away but left a legacy behind.

2. Derrick Amunga


Was better known as ‘Master Sugu’ in the TV drama Tausi. He was run over by a car and was later found dead by the friends and family.




He died in a grisly road accidents in 2003 and it was a tragic moment to many people.

Till date he is still remembered and commemorated having been one of the greatest artist from Kenya.

4.Nana Gichuru


The famous Kenyan actress died in a car accident in Utawala. It  was a sad occurrence that made many of her fans in distraught.



Well known churchill comedian Ayeiya died in a road accident near Catholic university. it was a tough time for fellow churchill comedians and great fans.

6.Nicholas Bett


He was a Kenyan track and field athlete who competed in thee 400 meter races. He got involved in a road accident that took his life.

It was a great loss not only to the family and friends but the nation at large.

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