Willis Raburu Reveals The Kind Of Job He Did While Still In High School

Willis Raburu is an exceptional news anchor who has mastered the art of indulging with his fan base or rather his audience in regards to news.

We all eagerly wait for him to give us the juicy political news on his popular segment 'Truth Meter'. As for the youngsters, 10 over 10 is always your show as he hosts alongside Joey Muthengi; bringing in celebrities and jamming to their hits on a Friday night.

Just like any human being, he has had he's own story that people do not know or might not even believe. Well, during an interview with Citizen Digital, he revealed something about his past, well work wise before he stepped into the media world.

“After I completed my primary education at Aga Khan Primary school in Kisumu City, I joined Chemelil Academy High school which was a mixed boarding school. There I used to sell water like nobody’s business. That was like my side-hustle.” You might not believe it but, those were his words, not mine.

But one tends to wonder why he had to start the hustle that young. He gave a clear response during the interview saying, “You know when you are in boarding school; you must have a way to make sure that you have money to buy things like a loaf of bread. So I used to sell water and biscuits to my school mates. Believe it or not, business was booming for me.”