‘Jesus is my personal savior!’ Shouts Akothee

The single mum of five has been in the limelight severally, especially a month ago when she was slammed for opening her legs wide on stage. Many felt it was immoral.

Akothee asimulia aliyoyapitia na kisha kuwa mwanamziki maarufu

She said;

” And of late I think uurrhh I’m born again and Jesus is my personal savior, nimewacha zile tabia mbaya mbaya zingine and I’m not promising to stop wearing my bikinis and sipping my wine.”

‘Mama yangu tayari ashaazoea mavazi yangu’ Akothee awaambia wakosoaji wake

 Madam boss in a recent interview revealed that she has given her life to Christ and she was going to give up her behaviors. It doesn’t end there, she said that there are things she can’t get rid of and that is, bikinis and wine.

She also requested her fans to wait for her gospel music as she has converted. Well we all can’t wait.

Akothee asimulia vile mwanasiasa maarufu alijaribu kumnyanyasa kingono

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