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Lilian Muli Eats At A Kianda And Brags About It (PHOTOS)

Citizen TV’s new anchor Lilian Muli is one of the most stylish and lavish female celebrities in Kenya, and there’s no doubt that she’s on a class of her own, not forgetting being a diva when she feels like.

Back in 2016, Lilian Muli was caught on camera while shouting at a waitress at a Nairobi restaurant. According to the sassy lass, the lady who was serving her was showing her some kind of attitude and that she was being rude and disrespectful.

But that was then, and Lilian Muli has since moved on from that episode of her life, staying away form any kind of drama.


The celebrated anchor is a mother to a handsome baby boy who will turn 7 years this year. She was blessed with the child when she was still married to her ex-husband Moses Kanene.


Lilian Muli divorced the wealthy businessman back in 2016 after being together for 7 years, citing violence and infidelity and abandonment as the reasons for the separation.

She’s now dating flamboyant Shabana FC chairman Jared Nevaton, and the two are doing just fine and even celebrated her birthday together a few weeks ago.

But despite being one of the most celebrated and lavish media personalities in Kenya, Lilian Muli is still a humble girl at heart, especially having grown up with boys.

She recently revealed that fame does not keep her from having a good meal from simple restaurants in Nairobi. Lilian Muli is a lover of Kenya food, and this time, she decided to have some Omena, Ugali and Spinach.

She shared a photo of the Kenyan meal, with this caption; “Eating Ugali and Omena at a Luo spot I discovered today.”

Kenyans took to the comment to share their views with some even criticizing her for eating omena. What!
akoth_toto: The great kisumu boys
kibugikayzach: Omena smells so yuck
maryanneamina: Looks like 3D,if not Kindly share the luo spot yawa!
loisnjihia: They should serve ugali ya kusiaga.
stevenouko: Did u liked it?
megwambo: Wow teach me how to eat dem omena …tried and failed
nyar_madam: Lovely lil omena the real food
jeniffer_avenel: It looks yummy @lilmulikindly share the spot name hard to find a better joint for omena.
calvinnyash: Kumbe pia we wala Omena….its salivating sana.
naomie_owino: It aint omena wen u eating wit a spoon yawa!!!!!

Photo Credits: Instagram

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