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Madoido Pelekeni Mbali Priss! Here Are The Things Not To Wear Tomorrow As You Vote

The D-day is here. We are remaining with less than 12 hours to choose leaders to govern our nation for the next 5 years.

Are you ready to vote?

Well, to the slay queens and wannabes it’s time to ditch those smelly wigs and embrace your natural self.

From crop tops to high heels, here are the things you shouldn’t wear to tomorrow’s election.

To save you time, here is a tried and proven starter pack for slay queens on election day.

  1. Crop Tops 

Hoeny, this is not a Barbecue Live event where you wear crop tops leaving your bellies popping like jelly given to patients in hospital. It’s time to ditch them. This is where you might meet your mother-in-law, father-in-law or even your future bae. Please, let’s dress decently.

Crop Tops

2. High heels

This is not a fashion show event. It’s a serious event in the history of Kenya. A lot can happen and you need to be ready for anything. Dress in flat shoes if possible akala/avunja so that so can you can be able to run in case of anything.

Also you will be queueing for a long period, you cannot comfortably do that in heels, now, can you?

Heels crazy

3. Miniskirts

This is not a beauty contest event where Team Mafisi are going to salivate at your luscious and sexy thighs and give you credit.  Hii sio My Dress My Choice campaign! Dress like a well brought up woman. Also, after voting please go home straight. This is not the best time to idle around polling stations and look for sponsors. ‘..woiye nibuyie lunch, nipige picha..”

4. Make up

Did the head of IEBC announce that polling elections are going to be fashion show events? No one wants to see you with makeup. Team Mafisi will not even recognize you! Just apply Aramis and go to your polling station. Voting won’t take long, just a few minutes and you’re gone. No one wants to see your make up get washed away by the rains or the sweat from the burning sun. Save yourself the embarrassment.

5. Political branded merchandise

You had five years to rock those free t-shirts, wrist bands, caps and even underwear you were gifted at campaign rallies. But on election day, don’t wear them. No one is allowed to wear a political branded merchandise because this can trigger violence at polling stations. Please adhere to this.

Wavinya Ndeti


Voters are also expected to remain silent at polling stations and exercise their rights in peace. Do not ask people about their opinion on who they are voting for.

Kura Yako Siri Yako!

Smoking is also prohibited because you will be at a public venue. Please don’t make other voters uncomfortable. Have some manners.


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