Proof that Radio Jambo Presenter Massawe Japanni has fun in the studio

She is the amazing voice behind the popular BustaniLaMJ show on Radio Jambo every weekday. Radio Show Host Massawe Japanni tackles some hard issues especially on the segment ‘deadbeats’, where spouses speak out on marital woes affecting them.

But it’s not always so serious. Massawe does have moments of fun in studio, there are moments where she kicks back and laughs. Have you heard her laughter? It’s so infectious, you can help but giggle along.

Have you ever wondered what it’s like being behind a mic?

You get to play music and talk for a living, some of the callers are hilarious, the regular contributors can feel like your best friends, and even on the bad days it’s still a lot of fun.

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I love the fact that she is open about so many things. It’s also the job of a radio presenter to entertain, and make sure listeners want to always tune in. I believe Massawe does this very well.

Here is proof she has fun in studio, making one more reason why you should tune in every weekday from 10am.

They call him the king of shoki!! Having fun on #BUSTANILAMJ @drofweneke!!

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Silprosa- Auntie Boss visited!!!! Teammafisi mpooo? #teammassawejapanni #BustanilaMJ @sexy_sandie

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It’s been a minute… @therealkidum always fun hanging out!! Catch him on the 29th at the waterfront #yetu festival

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If you missed…. @kenchezmuya #BustanilaMJ

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