Sio Community Husband: Excitement as Ugandan comedian Ann Kansiime reveals new mystery man

Ugandan comedian Anne Kansiime is ringing in the new year by showing off her new man.

Kansiime dumped her husband earlier this year and never spoke about it. Many of her fans were sad that their marriage ended so unceremoniously, and wondered if she would find love again.

Well, I guess she has been busy. On 31st December as many of us were singing and dancing along to music awaiting the New Year, she posted pictures of her new man.

She refers to him as her ‘Kantu’ and he is quite handsome in this New Year Message:

2018 has been a year of great achievements, a year of deep loving and many magical moments with my kantu.
Let’s close the 2018 hoduloopu together and embrace the sitting looms of 2019 my Sky

Her fans are so excited. Read their comments;

Nangobi Evelyne ..If it is this kantu that gives you joy and happiness ninja am with you as for those who want to find out why ojok with his body was dumped you can find out he’s a free man now. Well as for me and my family will go wherever my ninja finds happiness period.

Yveline Gousse ..Kansiime Anne Happy New Year 2019. Continue to shine, follow your dreams. My mother used to say; the sky should not be your limit” I I translate it literally from French to english… One day will visit your place . All the best and congratulations… Follow your heart but keep your brain close by.

Aretha MçNamara ..Dear Kantu, please don’t break our Kansiimes heart. Thanks

Maria Faiden Saturnin ..Kantu,don’t make our kansime sad ooo. Don’t break her heart,she deserves happiness.

Prince Phelix Dickson ..All the best kansime, just take care, To cantu , pls keep that heart that loves you, take good care of her, I still wanna c my Kansime shinning ever
Nyakahuma Innocent ..At first i thought it was a joke , kumbe u had seriously left him , bambi my Ojok but that guy also not bad

Sentume Aisha ..Love u Ann ,life is too short to waste on people who don’t make us happy, happy year 2019,waiting for the wedding

Photo Credits: Facebook

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