Nasra Yusuf

Churchill Somali comedian Nasra Yusuf points out damaging stereotypes

Churchill Show comedian Nasra Yusuf says stereotypes that Somali people are bad people is a great problem in the industry.

“As a comedian, I like to tell people that we as Somali people are so good,” she told on Tuesday.

“For example, if something happens here today, you will all turn against me no matter what good deeds I’ve ever done to you.”

Nasra Yusuf is the only Somali female comedian in Kenya and stars on Churchill Show.

She says she is trying to change the negative perception that some Kenyans have of Somalis by confronting the stereotypes head-on.

“As a Muslim, sometimes I am attacked by the way I dress during the show and so on.”

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She explains some of the challenges of being a female comedian and talks about how she’s prepared to use humour some find uncomfortable.

“There are those who even say that am a girl, I am not supposed to be a comedian and the mentality that we are not supposed to be paid more than a male comedian just pisses me off,” she said.

Nasra has been in the industry for a while now, and she recounts her worst show ever.

“I was in Meru, so scared to ever perform in such a big audience. I cracked the first joke and people did not laugh, then the governor comes in and all the attention is focused on him. I just left the stage but fortunately, the MC returned me on stage and people laughed,” she said.

Nasra is working on a project called ‘Girls are also funny’ to be hosted by fellow Churchill Show comedian Teacher Wanjiku in March.

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