Some of the most beautiful waterfalls in Africa

Africa which is known to have be the most visited continent when it comes to tourism and has some of the most beautiful waterfalls in the world. Some of the waterfalls are known to be the largest while others just by the very look of it one is left in awe cause of its sheer beauty.

Their surroundings are home to many wildlife species and you won’t lack one or two of some rare species of animals around there.

1. Victoria Falls

victoria falls

It is found along river Zambezi which is found at the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. It is among the wolds largest waterfalls and the scenery is just breathtaking. An estimated 1 million liters of water thunders down the falls every second.

2. Lumangwe Falls


It is found in Zambia and is rich flora and fauna of the surrounding Miombo Woodlands make it an attractive tourist destination. The water capacity is great and the fall drops 35 meters.

3. Ruacana Falls


The water drops at 107 meters and is among the largest waterfalls in Africa. Located in Northern Namibia the Ruacana falls are known to have great amounts of water which is mostly experienced during the rainy season.

4. Kalandula Falls


Located on the Lucala river in Northwest Angola the water drops at 104 meters. The fall is usually seen to have the shape of a horseshoe and is one of the largest waterfalls. It is surrounded by different types of vegetation and has breathtaking views .

5. Blue Nile Falls

blue nile falls

It is a waterfall found on the Blue Nile and is one of the most visited sites in Ethiopia. The quantity of the water varies with the different seasons experienced.

6. Ouzoud Falls

ouzoudFound in Morocco the fall is one of the most visited sites in the country. The bottom of the falls is accessible through a shaded path of olive trees. At the summit of the falls, there are a dozen old small mills that are still in use.green valleys, mills, orchards and a superb circuit of the gorges of the El Abid River.



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