VIDEO: ‘Cigarette kills, ganja heals,’ Mbusii and Lion say in support of weed legalisation

Just days after a petitioner, Gwada Ogot defended the legalisation of marijuana, popularly known as bhang in the country, the debate has spread like wildfire, drawing mixed reactions.

According to Ogot, a researcher, marijuana can cure up to 6,077 medical conditions.

“The age of legal cannabis is with us. It is time-based, cyclic and coincides with the age of light and knowledge,” the petitioner said. “Cannabis is God’s plant, a gift to mankind, just like the many minerals he has in store for Kenya. No one can stop this.”

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Radio Jambo drive show’s popular presenters Daniel Githinji (Mbusii) and Cyrus Afune (Lion) strongly support Ogot.

Speaking to Radiojambo.co.ke, the duo said: “Big up to brother Ogot Gwada, we salute you to the highest, Rasta man. It takes a lion to take on the system and you are the first to do so. It is true, the plant was created by God, why make it illegal, whereas you manufacture your own things and make them legal? Cigarette kills, ganja heals. Please, let the Senate committee listen to Gwada, he has a point. You abuse drugs and all of a sudden the government is on your case. This is a plant, one that Sir Jah waters with rain from Zion.”

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But how exactly is marijuana beneficial to the society? Mbusii added: “Weed has many benefits, there are scientific benefits, religious and social benefits. It’s upon the user to choose what he or she seeks from the plant. To the abusers, please don’t abuse it, if you can’t handle it just steer away from it, it is for those who know why they are using it. Just the way you don’t abuse beans and maize (cereals), don’t abuse the herb.”

Check out the full interview in the video below.

Photo Credits: mbusii

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