WAKENYA WANA UTU: Kenyan Man Wins Hearts Of Many After Attending To An Injured Street Boy

Who said there are no good and kind people left on Kenyan streets?

When you go about your business on the busy streets of Nairobi, all we think about is whether we would make it home on time and most importantly safe and sound. Our biggest worry at times is the thought of encountering pick pockets or conmen who are always hungry to reap where they have not sowed.

Honestly, I have always lived that way to an extent that being in the CBD was nothing close to fun but constant worry and fear of the unknown.

However, all that notion was crashed when I bumped into a post on social media of a lady who had witnessed the unexpected on the very same streets that give us chills everyday.

According to one Triza Mutunga, she will never forget the day when she witnessed a man who stopped everything he was doing just to attend and administer first aid to an injured street kid.

According to her, the young boy injured his head while crossing the busy roads and the man who was later identified as Kisuza Elly an EMS Kenya staff, did the unthinkable. He went on his knee and administered first aid to him as he called for an ambulance.


‘This touched me today while walking along Nairobi town.This guy went down to give first aid to this street boy who fell down while crossing the road.He even went ahead to call an ambulance which arrived within a minute.What a wonderful heart.Atleast in our streets we have people who care.May God bless u.’ Read triza’s post alongside photos of Mr. Kisuza and the young boy.

What a man, what a gesture!

Photo Credits: triza

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