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How well do you know Moses Kuria? Here are 7 interesting things about him

On Thursday Moses Kuria, was the talk of town after reports were rife that he was set to resign as Gatundu South member of parliament.

The outspoken politician has been the talk of two the past few days since a clip of him criticizing the president on new year’s eve went viral. Leaders from Mount Kenya region ganged up against him and he was forced to apologize for his utterances.


Well here are things you did not know about Moses Kuria.

1.He was born in 1971, meaning he will celebrate his 48th birthday this year.

2.He served as an alter boy at Gatundu Catholic church before indiscipline started creeping in once he joined high school.

3.He is a graduate of University of Nairobi where he studied for a Bachelor of Commerce although his first love was to study law.

Michezo afrika
Michezo afrika

4.He worked as a bank manager in Saudi Arabia working with Rajhi Bank, the decision came after he went abroad to search for greener pastures.

He has also worked with Standard Chartered .

5.He was SONU treasurer, a position that may have helped mould his political career.

Moses Kuria

6.He is married to Joyce Njambi and together they have two kids.

7. He has served as a member of the Budget & Appropriations Committee in the National Assembly.

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