Too Much Respect? Minister Kneels Before Zambian President (PHOTO)

Social media was abuzz immediately after photos of the Zambian minister of livestock and fisheries kneeling before President Edgar Lungu surfaced online.

According to a Nigerian site,  the photo is taken at a place that looks like an office and it captures President Lungu sitting comfortably on the only chair in the office, while Mr. Katambo with fear written all over his face, is seen clenching his hands as he knelt.

It looked as if the President was scolding his appointee. Another man can be seen somewhere in the same room, though his face is not visible.

It is possible that he took the snapshot that is now all over the internet, as the man was seen holding a camera.

This comes months after a picture of the Cameroon Minister of Sports and Physical Education, Pierre Ishmael Bidoung Kpwatt, greeting the President Paul Biya with respect during a party hosted by the Presidency in honour of the Indomitable Lionesses of Cameroon, vice champions of the 10th edition of the Women’s Africa Cup of Nations, went viral.

Cameroonians took up the challenge of mimicking the minister’s gracious bow to the presidential couple during the reception on the 8th of December 2016 at the Unity Palace #CourberDosChallenge .

Check out the photo below.