Moses Kuria

This is how Moses Kuria was welcomed in Kisumu county

Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria has praised Kisumu residents for the heroic welcome they accorded him on Saturday.

Moses Kuria
Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria strolls through the streets of Kisumu on his way to Nyakach on Saturday, July 21. /MAURICE ALAL

Kuria said prior to the visit, he was not sure how the people of Kisumu would receive him.

“I was skeptical on how I will make it to Nyakach. Thanks to the handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition leader Raila,” Kuria said.

Kuria said he went to Raila at his home in Bondo to seek for advice before visiting Nyakach through Kisumu.

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“Raila told me that I have to come to Kisumu. And because the handshake meant to unite the nation I am happy I have roamed freely,” he said.

“Because of the unity pact, today I have been welcomed warm-heartedly with the people of Kisumu. I am shocked because of the silly political divides we have put ourselves into in the past,” Kuria said.

Were it not for the handshake, I would not have been in Kisumu, he added.

Kuria recalled how close he was to late Vice President Jaramogi Odinga’s family and acknowledged how Raila helped him when he was expelled from the university during Moi’s regime.

“Being a radical student leader and after we swept all the seats, I was expelled,” the MP narrated.

“He [Raila] sent the late Senator Otieno Kajwang who represented me before Judge Gideon Mwela who gave an order that reinstated me to university,” Kuria said.

The MP narrated visiting Bondo in 1994 during Jaramogi’s burial and in 1995 to attend the anniversary where they were teargassed for playing music.

The event was attended by a delegation from Mount Kenya region and former Nigeria President Olesegun Obasanjo. During those days, Kuria said, there was Central-Nyanza alliance.

“Immediately after the handshake, I was the second person to visit Raila to explain to me what it entails. He told me it’s not politics or 2022 succession politics or positions but bringing the people of Kenya together.

“From that day I vowed to support the peace deal,” Kuria said, adding that Kenyans should fully support the building bridges initiative.

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He noted that politicians are the ones to blame on the problems bedeviling the country.

“One day while passing Kisumu in a chopper I asked God to that if I will not be the one, then let my two sons roam Kisumu freely and invest,” he said.

Kuria said the handshake will enable Kenyans to realise the Big Four Agenda – housing, food security, universal health and manufacturing.

“We can best achieve development when there is peace and unity, therefore we must support the two leaders for agreeing to work together,” Kuria said.

He noted that Uhuru and Raila will continue to work together to spur economic development for Kenyans.


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