Mysterious things that are found in Kenya

Kenya for many years has become a tourist hub, attracting tourists from all sides of the world. However, Kenya has proved to have some mysterious sites as well which over the years have left people wondering when did they first appear or how did they even form.

1. Kituluni Hill


The hill located East of Machakos has been known for the defiant of gravity. Different experiments have been done and all give the same result, instead of an object moving downwards on the hill it tends to move upwards.

It remains to be a mystery to why that happens but people travel from all over in order to be able  to see it happening in person.


2.Kit Mikayi


It is a rock formation, a tor, around 120 m high and is 29 km west of the town of Kisumu in western Kenya.

The rock is revered among the locals due to their belief in its healing properties and that if the right sacrifices are made, it can ward off evil or restore prosperity in one’s life in times of hardship. Climbing the rocks gives you a spectacular view of the locale. Definitely worth the visit.

3.The lost city of Gedi


The ruins located in the coastal region of Kenya remain to be a mystery to many. The site of Gedi includes a walled town and its outlying area. All of the standing buildings at Gedi, which include mosques, a palace, and numerous houses, are made from stone, are one-story, and are distributed unevenly in the town.

There are also large open areas in the settlement which contained earth and thatch houses. Stone “pillar tombs” are a distinctive type of Swahili Coast architecture found at Gedi as well.



4.Lake Simbi Nyaima


Simbi Nyaima in the local Luo language means he village that sank. It is actually a crater lake in which the community attach great importance because of the legendary story surrounding it.

It is believed that a whole village was cursed and it got covered by water after a heavy storm ravaged the area because most villagers decided not to help a lady who was visiting and the only family that showed kindness to her got spared.

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