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Ni za 1960? Kenyans roast governments new computer lab


Kenyans are shocked at the type of computers the government is launching across schools.

This is after Senator Murkomen shared a picture of a computer lab officially opened by Deputy President William Ruto at Sambirir Girls school.

The Senator wrote;

Today we hosted the DP at Sambirir Girls. DP launched ICT&Resource Center funded by GOK through MOE & NG-CDF. We raised 18M shillings for equipping the Center by purchasing new computers to replace the obsolete ones,Purchase new books &complete ongoing construction of Dormitory

This was following by an episode of roasting by Kenyans responding to the news.

King of the Andals and the First Men♔♔..
mr. Murkomen you must be joking.i am 22 years old and i used such computets when i was ten…these computers are outdated to consider yhat a centre for technology bure kabisa

Israel Wisdom..
You don’t feel tweeting this with iPhone? At this day and Age,who uses those generators? This was huge let down Sir! Shame! Shame! #FaillingGOK

Halafu one computer lacks a mouse, the other lacks a keyboard. Mnatubebaga ufala aje? Why did u buy CRT monitors in the age of TFTs? These computers I bet are pentium 3 atleast. Where did you collect them?

Plastic chairs for a computer lab… Get tf serious… And again while people are starving to death in Turkana you are busy spending 18million for computers which are of sijui what generation and look at the tables… Smh… GOD will punish you people one day… Just play.

emurugat John..
This pathetic!! Ata mwenye alipiga picha hana adabu to show us thats how our millions get used kutuambia tunaibiwa hivihivi.

eric midenyo..
Those are the new one bro and the chair,even cyber cafe stop using those chairs and 2009 computers
So you guys LAUNCHED an ICT centre, the went ahead to raise funds to replace OBSOLETE computers?

Whta exactly makes comps obsolete in a centre that is just being launched?
City Tycoon 🇰🇪..
Replying to @kipmurkomen
Who uses those computers in this era…mediocrity at it highest… Kuna shida mahali
Josiah Mache..
The CRT monitors are shocking to find in this age? I last saw them in some cyber cafes several decades ago


Replying to @kipmurkomen
Flew all the way to launch dusty,scratched desktops that were manufactured in1992,What’s the budget? 800 million i guess..

How do you launch an ICT with obsolete computers. What’s the meaning of launch? You guys are taking Kenyans for a ride. Could have made sense to equip the center and launch afterwords. But of course the Dam money had to be splashed to buy public support.

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