‘She Buried Her Husband And Two Sons,’ Fashionable Pastor Shows Off The Woman In His Life!

There is no one like mama! Everyone treasures their mother because she gave them life and is ever present to egg you on as you live your life.

Kenya’s most fashionable pastor and inspirational speaker Robert ‘Israel’ Burale recognizes the huge role his mother played in his life:

“TIME FLIES …..When I was a young child she was faithful …in my grown stage she is my intercessor…. My great Mum. don’t even try to say I was not a good looking boy..Good looks and I have been on first name terms 🤣🤣🤣🤣 #UsisubiriNihubiri#
#HapaNiKujiChocha#” Burale posted on his facebook.

Burale opened up and revealed some information about his family’s past.

“Let me celebrate the great Lady who gave birth to me….MY MUM..My intercessor….I am still not used to her calling me RB 😂,” Burale wrote, “A strong woman she is ..She buried her husband and two sons …but Gods Grace has kept her.”

Kenyans reacted to the posts and the photo of Burale’s mom and how graceful and ageless she looks.

Joseph Obwanda: Hey Bro ..red hair for her and silver for you ..and indeed a dash of swag for both..that is a the verdict of time on YOU.

Staicy Mukonyo: She’s refused to age! Mum and style look good on her. And she can call you anything she likes my dear. So just get with the program! 😉😝😎We celebrate her! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🙌🏼

Exaltinteriordecor Emmanuel: One of the humble women of God ave had the privilege to meet, she made us feel so much at home while working in your home, she has a big heart may the good lord keep her smile for long my brother, ur blessed to have her.

Aymar Royal: Can í ask u smtn?? B honest is she ur sister, your aunt or mum??? Tek care Cz if í compare u look older man. Kudos to her. Proud of our African woken, soö strong despite of all the challenges.

Joseph Kamugi Sherrif: Let me admit u look like the elder brother😂😂😂😂😂😂

Prudence Wangare: She looks like your sister.. she is beautiful…

Lilian Kwamboka: Mumy got swag yoh!lovely

Tamara Mung’asia: Nani Kama Mama…

True Felly: She looks younger than you!

Lydia Ayieko: Your mum is so young and looking lovely!

Elizabeth Mmbonedavis: Pole sana May God give you strength to undergo that have faith

Monica Yvonne:  May God continue make her stronger an stronger..

Bella Bella: Wow!say hi to her-my workmate .she is ever supu!

Photo Credits: Instagram

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