You Do Not Have To Give Sexual Pleasures In Exchange For Acting Roles – Silphrosa

Silphrosa whose real name is Sandra Anyango Dacha, is undoubtedly one of the most popular actresses in the country. This is thanks to Auntie Boss, a popular local comedy-drama television series which airs on your screens every single week.

The show which revolves around the activities and drama surrounding domestic workers and the families they work for, also reflects the normal Kenyan culture about the relationships that house helps have with their bosses.

Silphrosa’s enormous talent on the show has made her a household name, something she accredits to her undying passion for theatre as well as sheer hard work which has seen her escalate in the past few years as an actress as well as a producer.

In the age where reports of producers soliciting for sexual favors from actresses with a promise of landing them acting roles, the actress who hails from Asembo, Nyanza County admitted that such cases, though few are there but revealed that never in her life has she faced such challenge.

“As far as I know, there a few instances where producers tend to ask for sexual favors from actresses in a bid to help them land lucrative acting roles. It is quite unfortunate and the problem is I don’t know what we need to do to battle it. She said.

Asked her if she has ever found herself in such a situation she said, No never. I think people look at me and get intimidated by my size so I have never had any instance where a producer asked for sexual favors from me, I am blessed enough to land deals without breaking a sweat.

However, Silphrosa was full of wise words for the upcoming actresses who look up to her and dream of following in her footsteps.

As a woman it’s up to you to say no to such sexual predators, I mean you won’t die. Have your own stand! It doesn’t mean that once you give such favors you are guaranteed of an acting spot. 

Watch the video below.

Photo Credits: victor TKO imboto

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